Inspiring a Whole New Generation of Learners

Vidya Mandir Academy provides students with hands-on access to the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects they learn in school to help build crucial problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Hands-on enrichment has proven to be beneficial to people of all ages, as it:

  • Reduces academic anxiety
  • Increases teamwork skills
  • Boosts confidence
  • Increases motivation to learn new skills

All of these benefits can help our young engineers become successful in all of their future educational and career-related endeavors.

How Our Teaching Structure Can Benefit Your Kids

From rockets and sailboats to chemically crafted concoctions and more, we provide a spread of programs and workshops that your children are bound to enjoy. Our experienced team has what it takes to assist guide our young engineers within the right direction to get why and the way things happen. Our hands-on enrichment classes, camps, and workshops encourage their sense of wonder, but also use the Engineering Design Process to encourage their ability to get.