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Vidya Mandir Academy

Welcome To

“Vidya Mandir Academy” is Premier Institute for Engineering & Medical  which provides a facility for the students to prepare for IITs, Medical colleges, Defense academy. Vidya Mandir Academy is a boon for those aspiring students who had to migrate to other states for the preparation of these high level examination since there is no institute which could provide top level education along with success in a small town, Ara.

Why Choose Us?

Stay ahead with all-round performance in your chosen stream​

Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty

With an outsized pool of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced faculty members, we maintain an optimal student-faculty ratio to attend every student with extra care. Our faculty walks an additional mile to make sure that you simply don't miss getting the very best benchmark in class , entrance and other competitive exams.

Tests and Assignments

The students are alleged to try the set of problems given at the top of each topic. This happens on a routine basis. VMA Assignments ensure that the students concentrate on two of the most important factors necessary to crack the toughest exams that are subject knowledge and a regular practice of the subject.

Integrated Teaching

Our integrated teaching approach not only makes you shine in your school/ board exams but also ensures that you are listed as a top achiever in competitive exams like JEE, NEET, Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY etc.

Comprehensive Study Material

Our most comprehensive study material is curated by subject matter experts that empowers you with an in-depth understanding of all crucial topics from various subjects to help you stay ahead of the curve.

VMA Three Mantras to Success


The VMA(Vidya Mandir Academy) believe the first step for every aspirant to conquer is to understand and realize the mistakes an individual makes while the preparation of board or other exam/tests. So we analyze all the qualities and therefore the drawbacks of the scholars and that we work accordingly which makes the training really effective and straightforward .


As everyone knows the really important aspect to do anything or any work in this world is to FOCUS on what you really WANT, and what will be the positive consequence. And with the right guidance with VMA and with your perseverance we help you to get to your destination.


With first and second step this one gets really simple. After analyzing an individual and making them better focus and understand the concept rather than repeating or heartening the thing, automatically or by default he/she will experience the agility, the power to understand, to grasp the concept quickly and to be independent of the fact that they will forget or the concept will blur out during the impact period.

Chairman’s Message

Dear Student

Welcome to Vidya Mandir Academy

Cracking any Top Level Competitive Examinations is all about your perseverance quotient, endurance, learning ability, managing time & stress and zeal to model the path of success drawn by the connoisseur.

To ensure your success in any competitive examination, we have designed our coaching programmer in a scientific & systematic manner that develops both your knowledge and your problem solving acumen.

In our efforts to deliver quality education, we emphasis more on the need to establish one to one contact with every student and be attentive to his/her need so that teacher can monitor individual’s progress and guide them accordingly on the way to success.

Upon induction with Vidya Mandir Academy, you become a part of a powerful force that propels you towards success. Planning and promoting your success.


Er. Ravi Prakash

(Ex-Faculty Mahindra Classes, Kolkata)

What Makes VMA the Smartest Choice?

Excellent & Experienced Faculty

Board/School & Olympiad Preparation

Enriched Solved Examples

Disciplined and Focused Learning Environment

Motivational Sessions

Doubt Clearance

Exhaustive Question Banks

Insightful Study Material

Well-defined Academic Journeys

Regular Tests, Assessments and Quize

Interactive Teaching Approach

Parent Teacher Meetings

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